Saving our world

Political scientists have identified several qualities that leadership possess,including aptitude for public communication,organizing capacity,political skill,vision,intellectual ability,and emotional intelligence. I have a passionate,elevated voice. When I am speaking and I have Learned to embrace it. But,whosoever,will be.great among you,let him be your Minister.Matthew 20:26 Even if the billions of humans that inhabit the earth becomes millionaires,without inner development there cannot be peace or any lasting happiness. Depression suggests to us something to be treated in a clinic, hateful, to that supposedly "normal" sense of happiness" which as some of our popular media sages tell us we ought to possess in abundance and promote and no matter how impracticable it is for us practice. This is implicitly to reduce feeling not simply to be confused with emotions to the hygienic realm,the quantifiable,measurable, adjustable,and treatable. How much does happiness matter in the larger scheme of things? Since 1776 happiness has been an all American question; the declaration of Independence boldly states to the world that the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable,God_given right.
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