It is okay, It is alright

Does the bible condemn having fun? far from it , The bible says there is a time to laugh and "a time to skip about"(Ecclesiastes 3:4) God's people in ancient Israel enjoyed music and dancing, games and riddles. Jesus Christ attended a large wedding feast and "a big reception feast" that Matthew Levi put on for him, (Luke 5:29;John 2:1,2) clearly, Jesus was no kill joy. May laughter and fun never be viewed as sins in your house hold! sometimes in the midst of our trials, we need to think about someone to help us adjust our perspective to remind us of the remarkable relationship we have with God through Jesus Christ. 

This is the relationship we need most when the going gets toughest. We are not equipped to handle all the problems we face, but God is. 

That is why he told us t give them all to him-to "cast your burden on the lord. "walking with Jesus does not depend on our legs. It depends on your heart. I do not worry O'er the future and today I will walk beside him for he knows what is ahead,...
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