Everyone dreams of success, It is their goal,or destination,in life. Some see success as making a lot of money,living comfortably,and retiring early. Others dream of becoming proficient in their field, making money,and having folks look up to them as important and wise.

Still others see success as the accumulation of material things-without debt, owning your own house,driving an expensive car, being able to walk into the store and buy anything you want. That's success.

Then there are those who equate success with having a happy family a loving wife or husband and obedient children. To others success is long life, free from disease and heartache.

Everyone has a dream of success.

Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your path Proverbs 3:6 Give me a grateful heart,lord. Kindness is more import than wisdom. O teach me what it cost,you,lord, to make a sinner whole;

And help me understand anew the value of one soul! What we become is more important than where we're from. The words I spoke but yesterday are changed as I read your word; I see more clearly your perfect way,and my heart is deeply stirred.

Let God's word fill your memory,rule your heart and guide your words. God hand that hold the ocean depth can hold my small affairs,his hand that guides the universe can carry all my cares. Our work is to cast,God's work is to take care!
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