We came, We voted, We believe

"I want to be a strong advocate and say that I am with the speaker,"said "Representative Scott Rigell of Virginia, a House freshman "I am  with the leadership,sealing deals on various spending agreements, would be better able to negotiate from a point of relative Republican unity.Wanda,"This statement,I don't fully understand. I mean what is the intent here? The dynamic may shift if some members, especially those from every conservative regions, begin to chafe against any deal they feel gives too much ground to Democrats. Wanda,"This statement concerns me, they are so willing to exclude 47%of Americans. Set the tax cuts,put them in place until the economy gets stable and then we can go back and revisit it. Right now,the need for the cuts are upon us,with all these game shows and the lottery,where you can literally win millions,it's a little off putting that we are trying to convince a party to allow  the wealthy just to do their fair share for the good of the country. Obama,has organizational capacity and vision,without lack of high-level executive experiences,which includes ensuring aides speak honestly, promoting teamwork and creates effective institutions." I think many of us who were being quiet two summers ago are going to call it for what it is"said Representative Pat Tiberi, Republican of Ohio. It is Mr. Obama,not Mr. Boehner,he said, who should be the Focus of Republican ire. Wanda,"supporting the president would be ideal. To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ,which are at Colosse,grace be unto you,and peace from God our father,and the lord Jesus Christ. We give thanks to God,and the father of our lord Jesus Christ,praying always for you. (Colossians 1:2) where of I am made a minister,according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you,to fulfill the word of.God. (Colossians1:25) It's only been a month people,let's keep our faith and continue to do our part. A precept of the Catholic church. The idea is to guarantee"the very necessary minimum in the spirit of prayer and moral effort in the growth in love of God and neighbor."
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